Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) Overview

The role of Certified Nursing Assistants, most commonly known as CNAs, is a vital one in the health care field. They carry other names such as nurse’s aides, orderlies and patient care technicians and provide very important patient care. CNAs assist nurses by providing basic patient care, which is highly needed in such busy facilities as clinics, nursing homes and large hospitals. The demand for qualified nurses grows higher each year.

Becoming a CNA requires training and the ability to successfully pass an exam. Requirements regarding the training for CNAs vary from state to state. In addition, CNA jobs aren’t all the same and can be tailored to meet the needs of the facility, although the basic duties of CNAs everywhere are similar. Certain skills are needed to do this job including feeding and bathing assistance, taking vital signs, and assisting with medical apparatus.

Another important part of a CNA’s job is to offer emotional support and encouragement to the patients. As CNAs are with the patients much more than either doctors or nurses, they tend to form more of a bond with them. When a patient needs long term care, CNA’s are more friends than care givers to their patients due to the amount of time spent with them.

CNA training includes teaching how to care for a patient. Such things as the right way to turn a patient in bed, raise a patient, and the best ways to help them walk and use the bathroom are taught. Other skills covered are administering first aid, collecting urine samples, and giving fundamental physiotherapy.

For people interested in a career as a CNA, taking classes is a must. So, if you’re already following a tight schedule, you should understand that the clinical classes must be done in person and at particular times. It may help somewhat that the textbook classes can be taken online. But you’ll still need to work out how to attend the clinical ones. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take or pass the CNA exam.

Another consideration in becoming a CNA is the cost of tuition. This is dependent upon where you’re getting your training. The cost varies greatly between campus and online classes. It’s possible, however, to get into a training program at the facility you wish to work in after you’re licensed. Lots of these facilities will provide training at no cost as long as you agree to work there for a specified amount of time.

CNA’s are much more respected now than in the past due to the important role they play in caring for patients. They fill in the areas that doctors and nurses just don’t have time for so the patients never feel neglected. If you can become dedicated to such a selfless position, you’re definitely needed.

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