The Cost of Becoming a CNA

by Elena

When you decide to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, your next step to fulfilling your dream is to locate a training program that fits your budget. Many times, there’s the desire to learn but it’s unaffordable. Happily, courses for CNA training range in cost and some are even offered for free.

In preparing your budget, you should know that, typically, CNA training programs run from $300 – $1,500. The price range is dependent upon several factors, the main one being what school you choose and their platform of providing the course. For instance, you can take online classes that won’t cost you as much as traditional ones taken in a college classroom.

The Cost of Becoming a CNA

The Cost of Becoming a CNA

If you can’t afford the training, find out if there are any student aid options that you qualify for. The quickest method of getting this information is to visit the website and fill out an application for student aid. It’s free and you’ll find out if there are any federal student grants you qualify for. Scholarship programs also exist along with various kinds of financial assistance. You should definitely get this information before you shelve the idea of being a CNA.

You can also find CNA training free of charge under special conditions. Usually, these are the work programs provided by nursing homes, retirement homes, clinics and hospitals. In these programs, you’re trained while working at a specific facility. Your training is free but, once becoming certified, you’re expected to keep working at this facility for a certain amount of time. If you don’t agree to that stipulation, you’ll have to reimburse them for your training. This is a great option if you don’t have tuition money. In addition to being trained while you work, you’ll usually be paid a salary for working, making it unnecessary to hold down 2 jobs while you’re in training.

The local State Board of Nursing can also help you with locating other options for funding. They’ll have information on available scholarships that will be based on certain financial situations. In some instances, you may even be trained as a CNA for free.

It’s very possible to get money needed for a CNA training program. You just need research all of your available options and find something that fits your needs. With the demand growing constantly for CNAs, more financial aid options are popping up to get interested people trained.

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